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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mini photo dump over the past week or so:

Today, on our evening walk. My dog is super photogenic.

First piece of decoration in my office. I like it. Heh.

Rusty and I went down to Mineral Wells a few weeks ago. My mom took us to my aunts old house that has since been condemned. It was absolutely heartbreaking to walk through it.

My aunts screen door

Pine cone on our evening walk! (At first I typed 'pecan'. It's my bedtime.)


She is seriously a model.

Look at that smile. She kills me.

This weekend is going to be super busy. I'm going to be taking photos of all my new stuff that I've made in the past two weeks.. I've let it pile up. I just started a new moth and butterfly necklace collection and I'm really excited about them. They're all so beautiful and colorful and I want to keep them all. We're also re-arranging our living room this weekend (Rusty doesn't know it yet - but we are) so that everything will be more 'open' and accessible. The lawn will be mowed, and weeds will DIE.

I got a phone call from the HR representative from the Salvation Army on Tuesday. I had written a letter to them saying how amazing the Amarillo branch was with helping us - and it traveled all the way to her! I had no intentions of it getting that far - I just really wanted to let them know how great everyone here is. Anyway, she asked if she could run it in their newsletter, as well as on their website. I bashed the Red Cross a little bit - so I'm kind of nervous to see how that plays out. The Red Cross called us last week to see how our "new house was going". The way they were talking, I thought they had already spoke to Rusty. They knew where our house was, when we bought it, and how much we paid for it. Rusty NOR I told them any of this, and we have no idea how they found this information out. The lady I spoke to asked us why our new home wasn't out in Willow Creek. Is it really that hard to realize that after a person loses their home, they don't want to be put in the same place? I don't understand. Anyways. I babble.

I'm still reading Wally Lamb - I seriously can't get enough of him. He is wonderful. I'm currently reading "The Hour I First Believed", which is about Columbine. This holds a place in my heart because I've done countless reports and interviews over Columbine (mostly over gun control). Wally Lamb did an amazing job following details and the timeline of events so well, while still putting fictional characters in the midst of it. It's amazing.

Now I'm going to go get in bed with him. Um, Wally Lamb. Yeah.


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