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Thursday, April 14, 2011

We're finally moved in!

It only took one day. We had so much help. We had two trailer loads that were completely full, and it only took 3-5 minutes to unload because there were so many people helping us. It was crazy. We still have to loads in Dallas that my dad is going to get this weekend. Some bulky stuff - coffee tables for each living room, some lamps, a vintage baby bed (NOT for a baby - at least at this point), and some other stuff that I haven't even seen yet.

It's crazy how safe I already feel. I didn't expect for it to come this fast. Our first night here, I felt peace. I felt like we finally had something to hold on to once again.. and it feels amazing. Ena has fit into our life so perfectly. I didn't expect that, either. She is so calm 100% of the time and loves everyone, including other dogs. Piper didn't. We couldn't let her around other dogs. I'm thankful.

I've been sick this week. It's kinda blown. I had 102*F the night before last, and my ear drum exploded. That was fun. The doctor says it'll start growing back soon. I have to have X-Rays on my kidneys on the 26th of this month. My doctor doesn't think my left one is draining properly which is causing all my pain. Blah.

I'll post pictures of our new home soon.


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