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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Awkward/Awesome Thursdays [ o4 ]

I'm finding that the more I think about the preparation for my Awkward/Awesome Thursday post during the days prior to posting about it, less awkward things happen. I kind of miss the awkwardness of my daily life. Anyway, here's what I have for this week:

Awesome: Going to get a snow cone and seeing this on their sign:
"Topless Tuesday" - .25 off with no top
Awkward: How easily it could have been misconstrued.

Awesome: Going to a super cheap estate sale and finding this delightfully tacky headboard. (Then I noticed the bright pink "SOLD". Darn.)
Awkward: Walking into the next room and finding that they are selling their HOMEMADE VHS TAPES. Seriously. I'm talking tapes labeled with "Wedding - 1987", "Lisa's Senior Prom - 1990", "Ann's birth - 1992". I didn't know whether to file this under "awkward" or just really sad.

AWESOME: Finding this at Michael's.

Awesome: I painted this the other day for our future nursery. (No babies yet, just.. doing little things.)

Kinda awkward: I'm giving up my office space for future baby that isn't even here yet. You know, just thinking ahead..

Awessooooome: I have two work days left. TWO. We are leaving for Miami next week, andddd I asked off for the week after that, too. Ha!

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE that sign at Michael's! HAha!
    Bummer about that headboard, it's primo.
    And MIAMI?! Awesome! And here I thought I was lucky to be in Tahoe...