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Thursday, August 25, 2011

An example of what we don't want.

Yesterday, we went investment hunting. We had a list of a few properties from a wholesale dealer here in Amarillo that we haven't had much luck with, but we are anxious about getting our first property so we decided to give him another go.

We saw this house and gave up on him for good:

"A charming 2 bed 1 bath home with a detached apartment - $30,000". Why, yes, it does look charming with all the plywood instead of windows and spray painted numbers.

This is the definition of a slum lord. We won't be in contact with him again. NO way.

This is one of the great Stanley Marsh's signs that can be found all over Amarillo. Jenny recently made a post with a few more of them.

Here's another property we looked at - and it's one of the better ones. This one is huge, but it's right on the highway. It also has an attached "apartment". From the outside it looks okay, but we're not sure on the inside. We're not too serious about this one.

And another Stanley Marsh sign. I love them!

Tomorrow after Rusty gets off work, we're driving up to my dad's to spend the night and have dinner with him. I'm so excited! I love my dad. Also, my dog, Narci, is coming home with us. I got Narci and Piper way back in December of 2008 - My dad kind of "took" Narci, and Piper was mine. They more or less grew up together. When Rus and I got married, I took Piper with me when I moved out of my dad's house. When I went back home on the weekends, I always brought Piper with me and she and Narci picked up right where they left off with the playing tug-a-war, fighting over bones and attention, and taking up all the room in bed. After the fire, and especially with Piper's death, Narci helped me so much. She knew something was wrong when Piper didn't come home with me. (If you're not a dog person, then I'm sure this doesn't make a lot of sense.) When we got Ena, Narci got really attached to her, I think, since Ena and Piper are from the same mother/father.. so maybe their smell's the same? I'm not sure. But Ena stayed with my dad and Narci when we went to Miami, and just recently when we went out of town for the wedding. So anyway, Narci's coming home with us! I'm so excited.

She is so scruffy, and we're not sure what breed she is. We rescued her from the pound.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh wow…. that is a janky house! I'm so glad you're ditching that dealor. I've never heard of Stanley Marsh before! So cool! So, is your dad gonna get a new dog or just be dog-less for awhile?

  2. Who would have thought that finding a small, decent house would be so difficult? You definitely have found the junkers. I'm glad that y'all are being picky; you're going to make good landlords. :)

    And how fun you're taking Narci! You have such a sweet family.