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Friday, August 19, 2011


Today Rusty and I looked at a few more investment properties. Every single one we looked at today was terrible. It's still fun to look, though.. but it's getting frustrating. Here's some photos from our frustrating adventure:

I have no idea what this establishment is, but I am always intrigued by graffiti.

That roof is absolutely gorgeous.

Jenny showed me a photo of this house a while back, and I forgot where in the sam hill it was, but stumbled upon it today! It's so cute!

This is one of the properties we looked at today. I figured I could start taking photos of some of the properties we look at, and share our experiences with others. We are doing this with no experience at all - we have no one willing to talk to us that has rental properties. All we know is common sense, what we've read in Robert Kiyosaki's investing books, and what we've gathered on our own. We love when people share their experiences with us - it's always a learning experience. So here I am, taking what we've learned and sharing it with you! If you're interested, that is. ;)

So, here is the "main" property we looked at today. It's a 1940's duplex. Asking price is $25,000. If a property sounds too good to be true, it probably is. (In most cases, anyway. Foreclosures are the exception, along with ones for sale by owner - they are usually desperate to get the mortgage of their hands, thus willing to chop off a few thousand.) Rusty & I are all for fixer-uppers, within reason. We don't mind installing central heat & air, new windows, painting, none of that. But just from the curb of this property, we could see the front porch was a mess. A hot mess. The roof was totally cracked down the middle. Both of our dads are contractors, so both of the problems could probably be fixed.. so we decided to look around the back & sides.

Here's a better photo of the roof. It mostly looks like water damage, to me. I didn't get to take any more photos after this - we were kinda shocked. The entire brick foundation was falling apart. On one side of the house, the foundation itself was completely bowed out. There were a few missing windows in the back, and lots of trash around/inside of the property. It looked like there were a few people squatting inside.. so we decided to get out of there. I don't see how this house hasn't been condemned yet. It's such a shame, too, because it was surely super cute and well taken care of before. (Or at least it looks like it was at one point.)

So, there ya go. Today's list of properties we looked at was one disappointment after another. This weekend we have about 20 more lined up, and I'm crossing my fingers.

Have a lovely Friday!


  1. Goodness, that sounds frustrating and tiring! Cute photos of the surrounding area though!

  2. It's so sad to see a house that, at one time, was probably a good home but is now beyond repair. :(