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Friday, September 16, 2011

Estate Sale!

Yesterday, my dad and I went to an estate sale. He goes for the potential tools - I go for the other goodies. And I found some!

This was in the backyard of the house the sale was at. I was looking at some garden stuff, and a lady walks outside and says, "Look at this backyard!" I thought she was commenting on the vines, and I said "Yes, it's beautiful!" And she said "Are you kidding? This place is a disaster. They couldn't even mow the yard?" Oh, um.. excuse me, we aren't at a home where the owner's died or anything. I thought the vines were beautiful.

I was trying to take photos of my excellent find - and Ena kept photo-bombing them. So here we have Ena, and some mannequin boob.

MANNEQUIN! I was really excited about this, because I used to have a small collection before the fire. (example #1)

I also found this adorable dress for $3. THREE DOLLARS. Ena is also photo bombing. Again. Of course.

Isn't it precious?

Mug! $.50

Earlier this week, my dad was cleaning out his garage and found this camera and this stapler. I don't know that much about the camera - but it's in the original carrying case. Someone really took care of it. I checked to see if there was still film in it, but there wasn't. I was kind of hoping there was, so I could get a glimpse of the kind of person who had this. I also love anything industrial, and this stapler is amazing.

In the backyard at the estate sale, I found this gorgeous Buddha statue with a Lotus planter attached to it. It was marked for $10 and I wanted it so so so bad. I asked my dad to pick it up for me, and he said "No. It's probably infested with roaches." I said "no, it isn't." So he picks it up, gives it a shake, and about 50 roaches fall out from under it. UGH. No way. So glad my dad was with me, cause I would have bought that no questions asked.

Happy Friday!!

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  1. What great finds! My dogs do that to. Crazy pooches. That mannequin is amazebear. :)