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Friday, September 2, 2011

Number one.

Today we met with our Realtor and got a look inside of prospective property #1. It's half (!!!) of our investment-budget! It's a three bedroom one bath with a storage shed and a garage. We are so excited. Here is the front:

It has a sprinkler system!! The grass is so lush.

There are little flower beds all around the house, and the backyard has a huge garden. (You can kinda see it to the left, right in front of the storage shed.)

Here's part of the living room, looking towards the front door. The hardwood floors are original, and in fantastic shape. All the windows were just replaced, too. The home has central heating and air, so these space heaters are getting taken out as soon as we get keys. They are huge fire hazards, and Lord knows we don't need any of that. ;)

Here's the living room from the opposite side.

Here's part of the kitchen - the stove and fridge are staying with the property, so that's one less thing we have to worry about. Most renters don't have a stove/fridge just sitting around. We might have to get a freezer, though, since that box is JUST a fridge. The stove is really nice, too. In the middle, it has a grill. Perfect for pancakes! ;) Also, I love the little message-taking station on the left hand side.

Here's the other side of the kitchen. There's new plumbing under the sink, as well as the sink itself.. and the faucet is new, too! (And holy cabinet space!) We want to replace the cabinet hardware though - it's very ancient and Russian looking. (Does that make sense?)

And.. a bed?! This was unexpected when we walked in, but hey.. that's a brand new temper-pedic. (I sat on it.. which is why it's all rumpled.)

Here's the bathroom. I should have thought about putting the seat down before I snapped this. Oops! (Not that I left it up) But the vanity is new, and the medicine cabinet is, too. The storage over the toilet is really cute, and we might bring it home with us instead of leaving it here. :P

Here's a second bedroom. It was used as an office.

Those things are coming down.

This was in the storage cabinet! I haven't seen one of these in 10 years! Also in the cabinet was a box for Windows '97. ;)

Every single ceiling fan in the house is new. And pretty!

The shopping cart in the backyard pretty much sold the deal for me.

We're going to meet the realtor again hopefully on Monday and get a contract made up. Hopefully we can get it drawn up and the offer in, and get this process done so we can make the little repairs and get it "rent ready" by October 1st. Fingers crossed!

Happy long weekend!


  1. Looks great! where is this place? You live in Texas right? My husband and I will be moving out to Austin in January.

  2. How'd you go from those icky-icky places to such a glorious spot with no in betweens?! Or did we just not see the in-betweens? This place looks FANTASTIC! So exciting!

  3. Wow, I love it!!! Those floors are beautiful, and so is the cool yard! And it looks like it has a lot of storage space, which is always useful. Yay, I'll have my fingers crossed for you!

  4. Adorable! That's awesome that it is only half of your investment budget.

  5. This has nothing to do with the property you found, but I just wanted to send good vibes your way during these crazy fires in Texas. I hope you and your family are doing well!!