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Monday, December 26, 2011

2011 in review.

2011 has been a crazy year for us.

[24th] celebrated our 6 month wedding anniversary
[27th] started looking into investing in real estate

[27th] lost our home and our dog, Piper, in a wild fire

[14] signed a contract on a new house and went to Colorado!
[31] we were given the offer to adopt Ena, Piper's sister

[2] went to Canton's Flea Market - and only saw about 4% of it.
[4] we picked up Ena! She filled our hearts.
[14] we moved into our new home!
[26] i had very nerve wracking x-rays/tests done, and it all came back clear!
[28] our story was in the Salvation Army's monthly newsletter

[14] my dad and i discovered an abandoned gas plant - it was completely leveled the very next week!
[18] i almost got hit by a car that drove through the windows while working at Barnes & Noble
[24] celebrated my 20th birthday!

made the decision to quit Barnes & Noble

[4] turned in my notice to B&N!
[19] went to Miami with Rusty
[24] celebrated our One Year Wedding Anniversary and our five year anniversary all in one day!
We snorkeled in the western point of the Bermuda Triangle!

[13] traveled for a wedding - we welcomed Callie Mae into the Hanson family!

Officially starting trying for Baby Hanson!

Got our first snow fall of the winter season
Went trick-or-treating like 8 year olds, and I lost my wig somewhere in our neighborhood.

got approved for our real estate investing loan! this was really big and exciting news for us.
[11] we put our Christmas Tree up
[11] I was contacted by NAILS magazine about my shop being in their Feb 2012 issue!
[25] I opened up The Violet Room - a supply shop

[25] Christmas!

I expect nothing less than hectic come 2012.


  1. Boy you have been through some rough stuff AND some great stuff. Looks like you've made the best of all of it though! May 2012 be twice as good as '11!

  2. You've been through so much, love <3 I'm excited for a baby Hanson! :)

  3. Oh its ok, hon! I know things are super busy this time of year, take your time <3