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Friday, December 30, 2011

Red Carpet Manicure Nails!

I recently tried the Red Carpet Manicure Starter Kit ($59.99) over the Holidays. And let me tell you - this stuff is amazing. The kit came with this gorgeous red that was absolutely perfect for the Holiday season. The Red Carpet Manicure is known for the long lasting color - up to weeks of color! There are reviews on their Facebook page of girls having a week of color with NO chips. I am constantly picking up tiny jewelry parts and pieces with the tips of my nails, using tools, working with resin and glue, and on top of that, housework. My regular nail color never lasts more than a day without getting chipped - so I was very excited to try this.

When I first opened the box, I was a bit intimidated by all these different bottles and the steps you need to do in order to achieve this look, but once I read the instructions and knew what to do, it was cake. The kit contains: Portable LED Light (4 AA batteries needed), Prep (max adhesion), Structure coat gel, Brilliance (Seal & Shine Top coat), Revitalize (Nourishing Cuticle Oil), The LED Gel Polish, Purify (Pre & Post application cleanser), and Erase (Gel polish remover). Phew. Sounds like a lot, right? You begin by having clean nails, of course. You also need to buff the surface of the nail to make sure the nail is even. Then, you use a small amount of the Purify cleanser on each nail to get rid of the oil on the nail. Then use the Prep on each nail. Once you're done with that, you use the Structure base coat, then cure it under the LED light for 1 minute. I found it easier to put the Structure on four nails, cure it, then the other hands four nails, cure it, then the thumbs. Now, it is time for the polish! They recommend to use a thin coat of the polish first and then cure it for three minutes. I did the four nail at a time again, then the thumbs last. If you'd like the color more vibrant, you can add a second coat, but make sure you cure that coat for three minutes, as well. I only used one coat of the red. It was vibrant right out of the bottle! Once you're done applying the polish and curing it, you're ready for the Brilliance top coat. This will cure for an additional 2 minutes. The surface of the nail is expected to be a bit tacky, so be careful not to touch it. You will remove the tacky-ness in the final step - the application of the Purify post application cleanser. And voila! You're done! It seems like a lot of work just looking at it - but this color lasts. Before this kit, I was painting my nails every other night because I can't stand chipped nails. I used this kit five days ago, and I have absolutely no chips or wear at all (and that's with making jewelry every single day!). I am very pleased with this kit. You can also purchase separate colors on their website, too. They have 36 other shades to try, too, at $9.99 a bottle. I've already asked for more shades for my upcoming birthday. If you love having painted nails, but hate painting them so often, this is definitely for you.

I received the Red Carpet Manicure Starter Kit courtesy of Red Carpet Manicure for review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Hmmmm I'm torn. Usually when someone says something like "There were a lot of steps but it was no big deal," I feel like I'll feel the same way... but I'm kind of lazy after more than two steps. I think it sounds great, extra steps and all, but I never paint my fingernails and I'm not sure I'd spend that much money because of that.