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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I'm a little late to the party.

2011 was fabulous in many ways.. but 2012 will still be better.

A few goals:
1. To bike 2,000 miles (I've already completed 20!)
2. For Rusty & I to take more trips. We already know we are going somewhere for Spring Break and we're flying to St. Augustine in June. In 2011, we went out of state twice. I'd like to go out of state at least three times in 2012. (Which is kinda hard when you live in Texas. Getting out of Texas is the longest part of any trip.)
3. Get our passports. This one may be the hardest out of all. (I didn't even get my license/social security re-newed after the wedding until a year and a half later!)

What are your goals/hopes for 2012?



  1. LOL, I used to live in Texas, so I totally understand the getting out of Texas is a feat in itself.

    I'm hoping to take a vacation this year, somewhere warm and tropical....ah. lol.

  2. Ha! I never thought about the getting out of Texas issue! Excellent goals! I just got inspired by Jessica's at Life As I Know It. She wants to focus on impacted one person's life each month.