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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Antique Mall

This past week, I went to a local Antique Mall to check out some booth spaces they had available. Together, my mom and I have enough stuff to fill a house, and renting a booth is something I've wanted to do for a while. They're really hard to find here in Amarillo, because most antique malls are on 6th street - that is, Route 66. Tons of tourists, tons of traffic.. and people don't want to give up their spaces. So when this place called me saying they had a few spaces available, I jumped on it, and went and checked them out. They ended up being way too big for what I needed, but I still had fun checking out the whole place (which was four stories!).

I loved those tins!

And that phone, of course.

Everyone needs a silverware chandelier.

There was so much Christmas stuff on sale! I got a few things for next year. We have zero decorations except for our tree. It'll be nice to get more into the spirit next Christmas. (Am I really talking about Christmas?)

This booth was my favorite. There was a lot of industrial style stuff mixed with chic-ness, like that pillow and chair combo.

A Halloween tree. Hm.


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