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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


With each new month, my heart becomes a bit fuller and more excited. We have a little countdown going on over here in the Hanson household - and now we're at four months until we enter our due date month. Four seems like such an awfully small number when we have been waiting years to meet our first child.
Here's what is happening for us this month:

May 2nd - 19 weeks pregnant
May 3rd - Prenatal check-up
May 9th - 20 weeks pregnant // gender ultrasound (!!)
May 13 - Mother's Day
May 16th - 21 weeks pregnant
May 23 - 22 weeks pregnant
May 24 - My 21st birthday // 70 month-iversary
May 30 - 23 weeks pregnant

Baby A will enter the month of May the size of a bell pepper, and leave it the size of a long green onion (and weigh over a pound!). And then in June, Baby A will reach viability. It blows my mind that the baby has the potential of surviving outside the womb next month (not that we want that to happen! - just crazy to think about).

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  1. I was already excited but seeing the countdown like that... OOoooh! And happy almost-birthday!

  2. I love that you've written it all out like this!! So exciting :D

  3. Aw gender ultrasound!!! My May has a lot coming up too. I think I'll list it all out like this like you! =]