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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Goodbye July. Hello, August!

July flew by. Am I right?! We experienced weeks 28-32 of our pregnancy, and that alone is just crazy to me. Rusty and I celebrated our two year wedding anniversary and six total years together! We got news that our offer on our first investment property had been accepted - woohoo! The last weekend of the month, we had Arlo's baby shower. And finally, I said goodbye to my antique booth - the 31st of July was officially my last day. It was a lot of fun while it lasted, but the stress of having to go down there twice a week to re-stock while hugely pregnant was really getting to me. I couldn't lift hardly anything in order to re-stock, so I always had to have Rusty or my dad to help me move stuff in. Another reason in closing it was the fact that there is no way I could do it with Arlo here. Juggling a newborn in one hand and an antique lamp in another? No way. I definitely want to be able to focus on him, and one way in helping me achieve that was to pack up. 

Books I read this month:
Unbearable Lightness by Portia de Rossi was the first book I read this month. I really enjoy reading memoirs, but this one was the first I'd ever read specifically about an eating disorder. It was very well written. At the same time reading this, Portia de Rossi had a re-occurring role on the episodes of Nip/Tuck I was watching. It was neat to see her as an actress and read her book all together. I was sent an advanced copy of Crossing on the Paris by Dana Gynther to read and review from the publisher. I love historical fiction and I love intertwined stories - this book has both. There are three main female characters all in various stages of life. We have a young woman who is becoming more self aware, a married middle-aged woman, and an elderly woman with cancer. I found all three women relatable in one way or another, and they all had interesting backstories. I was interested to see how the women would end up meeting and how the 'story' would come to be, and it took the majority of the book to get anywhere, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I'm also reading On Becoming Babywise. I've heard both good and bad things about Babywise, but I decided to judge for myself. It has a lot of things that should be common sense to most people, but sadly aren't. I'm enjoying it either way, and I'm trying to take notes on the important stuff. We'll see how well it does when Arlo's here! :) I can't believe I only read two complete books this month! We've been pretty busy with Arlo's room and now that it's about done, hopefully I can have more time to relax and read a bit more in August.

August 1st - 32 weeks pregnant // 1 year anniversary of leaving my day job!
August 4th - A Hanson wedding!
August 8th - 33 weeks pregnant
August 15th - 34 weeks pregnant
August 22nd - 35 weeks pregnant
August 23rd - Prenatal Check-up
August 29th - 36 weeks pregnant
Arlo will enter August with a length of 16.69" inches and weighing in at 3.75lbs - and leave it at 18.66" inches and 5.78lbs! Also in August - I get to say that I'm having a baby next month! What?! We'll be doing our maternity photos a bit this month, and then probably some more in September. At our baby shower, there were a few guesses that Arlo would make his debut in August, so we'll see if that happens our not. (Hopefully not! We want him to bake a biiiiit longer) We also hope to close on our investment property this month. We are waiting on the inspection, and then we should have a closing date! Busy busy busy.
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  1. Busy month for you! I always think baby info is such a funny thing. I find things out all the time I feel like I should know, but then I'm constantly making a comment and hearing people say "Wait, what? I never knew that?!"
    Jeez, August is going to be a very funny month for you. Your schedule looks pretty light, but things are getting so close I know you're going to be BUSY!

    1. I know! I think it's so amazing what information is known about the development each week. So crazy!

  2. It seems like yesterday we were messaging each other on Facebook and you told me you were preggly! Now here you are just weeks away from meeting your son and I couldn't be more thrilled for you and Rusty. I hope August is fantastic for you and that Arlo bakes for a bit longer :)

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