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Monday, December 17, 2012

The end and stuff.

So 2012 is finally coming to an end. For us, it was quite an amazing year. In January, we found out we were finally expecting our first child. Our journey of trying to conceive was hard, but knowing that there was finally a child in our future made it all worth it. I was convinced it was a girl. I had dreams it was a girl. I thought I had "feelings" it was a girl. In May, I celebrated my first mother's day (with my mama in town!), we found out I was wrong - and a boy was coming! Later that month, I turned 21! We celebrated two years of marriage and our six year anniversary in July as well as our baby shower. In August, we "broke up" with our OB/GYN and found our amazing midwife and started preparing for our home birth. I also celebrated my first year of working from home full-time! Since quitting my day job, my profits have increased by 500% and that was definitely worth celebrating. When September rolled around, we were thrilled that our "birth month" was finally here. And then we laughed when October rolled around and we still had no baby. But wait! I was in labor and had no clue. That night marked hour 24 of labor - and Arlo finally graced us with his presence sometime between 11:20 and 11:28pm. Every day since then has been amazing and filled with him doing new things. In November, we celebrated our first Holiday as a family (since apparently Halloween doesn't count) and Arlo had some yummy ham and corn salad via the boob express the next day. He enjoyed it. We will be enjoying Christmas with our cousins next week and then we will not participate in the New Year festivities by being old folks and going to bed by 10pm. 

2013 Goals
I only have one major goal - and I've already been told by some that it's "too big of a dream". And that makes me want to make it happen even more. So anyway - my goal is to make enough from both shops (and a boutique that is in the works) so that Rusty can quit his full-time job at the University and stay at home. There. I said it. We've worked with the numbers and we know exactly how much I need to be making monthly. Of course, before he quits, we will have 3-6 months of expenses saved. We also hope to finally have an investment property, too. (It's been too long that we started that process and have no property to show for it as of yet) This is actually a goal we've had in mind since before Arlo was born, and one that I am getting closer towards each month. So anyway! It'll happen.
Recently, some events took place in our personal life that really got me thinking about how much we tend to share about ourselves on the internet - or in my case, this blog. A mystery woman started calling my old place of employment (I haven't worked there in over a year) and asked all kinds of personal questions about me - if we still lived in town, what our address was, where Rusty worked, if we were still married (how offensive!), etc. If she didn't get someone who would talk to her, she would hang up and call back to get a different person to talk to. The managers of course handled it efficiently and didn't tell her anything (that I know of) but it really got me thinking. First of all, she's an idiot. All it could have taken was a simple Google search to find out anything she wanted to know and then some. After I laughed about that, I thought "Oh." In the past few weeks, I've done my best to clean up my internet presence as well as remove most un-watermarked photos of our family. This also led me to think about Arlo's privacy. He currently has no say in whether or not I share photos of him, so I have to think of what is best for him and what he would want. I want to protect him, but at the same time I want to be able to document our life. When Rusty and I lost everything of sentimental value in the wildfires in 2011, we really hurt. We lost our dog Piper, my wedding dress, our wedding vows, all of our childhood belongings. Those things aren't replaceable - but we do have photos. We have our wedding and our entire six year relationship documented and preserved forever because of the internet. I want our whole life to be like that - especially since now we hardly keep anything. We kept nothing of Arlo's birth or his baby shower. Not his umbilical cord clamp, no invitations or napkins, none of the favors. And that doesn't matter to us because items (to us) aren't sentimental anymore. Just the memories. So in short, because me rambling is not fun, I'll be watermarking most photos of us. Because that seems to me the best thing to do at the moment. I don't want anyone to take photos of Arlo and say that they are theirs. Because that is what happens when there is an adorable child floating around on the internet.
In other news, I've been working on re-doing my product photos in my shop.
Before and after:

Have a lovely and safe Christmas!
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  1. It's pretty amazing that your husband will be able to quit his job when you start making more with your store. I'd absolutely love something like that one day ::dreaming:: lol.

    It is soo weird how that woman called your old job! that has me scared! .. What are your plans for posting pictures of your child? I post pictures of myself and family now & plan to post pictures of my baby when she is born but now I'm kind of skeptical... I don't want her pictures stolen!

    new follower!

    1. Yeah! Quitting his day job has been a dream for us for a long while. I was able to quit mine in August of 2011 and it's been great since. His is just the next step. ;)

      I doubt the woman calling my old day job had anything to do with my blog. We're fairly certain who it was now, and I don't think she even knows about my blog. If I do post photos of my son, they'll be watermarked so others can't steal them.

      Thanks for following along!