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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pinterest Event!

This past weekend was the Pinterest on the Road event in Lubbock. I spent the few days leading up to the event trying to cram everything in and get my long list of things to do done. I barely made it! I went to bed around 1am the morning of the event. We woke up at around 5, and woke up Arlo at the very last second, and we were on the road by about 6am. A little later than we wanted to leave, but we got there in time. Phew! Arlo was a total champ in the car. Lubbock is about an hour and a half (ish) from us, and it was Arlo's longest car drive as of yet. He was pretty wired for the first five or so minutes, but once we were on the highway he was totally out again. I had planned on sleeping on the drive, but I liked talking to Rusty the whole way even more :) It's been a while since he and I have had a road trip (not that an hour and a half is really a road trip) so it was nice to have good conversation and watch the sun rise. Arlo woke up as we were turning on the street the venue was on - talk about good timing. The event was held at what used to be a church. It was a beautiful building! Jenny and Tyson had their son Henry with them and both boys were great. 

I was not 100% sure about how I had our table set up. I usually set everything up at home to get a 'feel' of what I like, but I didn't do it this time. We just unloaded everything on the table and I tried to show most of our goods, but by the end of the day, I felt like it was too cluttered. I made the table cloth, though! I used a sharpie and it took a while. It was just a cheap plastic table cloth so if I messed it up I wasn't going to be worried. Thankfully it turned out alright, minus a few smudges here and there from my hand. I brought Arlo's tentacles with us because I thought they would tie in with "The Northern Sea". I did get a few weird looks, but hey, that's okay! I'm not ashamed. ;)

Isn't Jenny's side the cutest?! Visit her shop here

I tried to take some photos of other booths, but I got completely distracted by this one. This is Beauty of Heart and she uses vintage pages and complete books to make her art. Aren't they amazing?! Her entire booth was set up so nice and she had vintage suitcases full of quotes on pages. Pretty sure Jenny and I looked through everything in her booth!

This was the little spot where I nursed Arlo every few hours. It was in the back of the building and nestled behind the sanctuary. I kind of loved it back there.

I really enjoyed our weekend. This was our first show as The Northern Sea and I had a case of the jitters. Being in craft shows before with my own handmade goods was a good learning experience and I'm so glad we are still doing them as a new brand. Now we are getting ready for the Wedding Expo in a few weeks! We have new bridal jewelry and hair goodies on their way and I'm anxious to see them in person. Arlo will be quite the show pro pretty quick!