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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Six months.

(no "on the couch" photos this month since we had some ~*professional*~ ones done last week)

So. This handsome kid is six months old now. That's half a year. I still have moments where I can't believe he's ours and he's here to stay forever (or until he's 18).
At our last doctor appointment on the 9th, he weighed 19 pounds and was 29" tall. HE IS SO TALL. He is just a few inches away from being half my length. What? His two bottom teeth are completely through the gums and one tooth on the top that is about a 1/3 of the way through. He has another that is just beginning to "poke" out of his gums. So far, he's gotten his teeth in twos with one coming right after the other. He's handled teething pretty well for the most part - he shows the most discomfort near bedtime. His eyes are still insanely blue (as you can tell from the photo above) and that is the first thing people compliment him on. I think they're here to stay! He's mastered sitting up on his own with only a few teeters here and there when he gets excited (or tries to lunge after one of the dogs). He really likes anything cylindrical so last week we got him some ball pit balls for his Pack N Play and he loves it in there. He likes to tote around a ball or two wherever he goes and he will never let it go if he had any say about it. He also loves tags and silky textures. He does not like to stand on grass, but he will stand up on anything else until your arms get tired of holding him up. He's trying really hard to crawl and he's thiiiiiiis close to getting it. He had his first little taste of apples on March 29th and he didn't really have an opinion on them. He didn't even make a face! It was like he's eaten them before or something. He had a bite of bananas, but I think he had a tiny reaction to them so we haven't tried them again. He's also had strawberries a few times! He seems to like those pretty well. Who doesn't? Other than just the handful of solids, we're still exclusively breastfeeding and I'm thrilled we made it to the six month mark. He can say "dada" and at first it wasn't towards anyone or anything, but I think he's noticing how Rusty responds to it. He loves being outside and we try to go on walks a few times a week. I think nature is one of the best things anyone can experience, so we've been trying to get him out as much as we can. Arlo did great on both "road trips" outside of town we took last month. One trip was two hours one way and Arlo slept through both ways. He's also coming to be a craft/trade show pro! He's been to three already and we'll have our fourth this month. He's starting to also pull himself up on things - especially if he's laying down and doesn't want to be ;) Speaking of, he's still sleeping great through the night. He's been going down at 7-7:30 and sleeping until around 8:30 or 9. Phew! He is suuuuper ticklish on his belly and his back and sometimes he laughs from us picking him up! This stage is my favorite so far, though I'm pretty sure every stage has been my favorite. Watching him learn and discover things is amazing. We took some family photos with Brit Nicole last week and I can't wait to see them! I'll be sure and share a few of them once we see them. I'm still trying to get over him being six months old but he'll be seven months old in two more weeks! 

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  1. They grow up so fast...I love his eyes! I have nominated you for a Liebster Award btw. Check it out here