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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


A few days ago, we took Arlo to the zoo for the first time. Our local zoo isn't all that big, but it has monkeys and bears and that's just perfect for me. I could watch the monkeys all day long, and apparently, Arlo can, too. Zoos are a big deal for me. If I wanted to have a career, I'd be either a zoologist or a taxidermist. When we found out we were having a boy, I was thrilled at the idea of taking him to the zoo to see his favorite animals. We could buy yearly passes! We could know the zoo keepers by name! We could find out each animal's habits and quirks and we could tell other visiting families about them! We'll see. ;) Arlo wasn't too impressed with any of the other animals. I think maybe because it was nap time for most of them (for Arlo, too, actually). The monkeys were the only ones that were actually moving around and playing. Two of them were playing with each other and were making some noises and Arlo loved that. He has this new thing where he laughs and closes his eyes if something is particularly awesome, and he was totally doing it most of the time we were at the monkey fence. 

That bear was licking that rock.

Silly boy.

The horses neighed at him and he did not like that.

I can't wait to take him to more zoos. I mean, our local zoo doesn't have giraffes or zebras or elephants! Soon, Arlo. I will show you all the animals!

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