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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Travel // Georgia {Tate, Nacoochee, Helen, Hiawassee}

We flew to Atlanta last Tuesday to spend a week up in the mountains. It was Arlo's first flight, but he had no trouble whatsoever. We flew out of Amarillo to Dallas/Forth Worth and had maybe a 20~ layover. We chose this on purpose so that we wouldn't be waiting around (though there was another flight to Atlanta in an hour, so if we happened to miss the first one, we'd have a backup). By the time we de-boarded the first plane and found out our next gate, they were already boarding so it worked out perfectly. Arlo didn't even bat an eye during take off or landing. The second flight had a lot of turbulence and he handled it all like a champ. He even fell asleep for about forty minutes! Totally wasn't expecting that. My mom, dad, and little brother had driven to Atlanta so they picked us up from the airport.

He's a natural.

That's my little brother! 

This is where we were staying -- it was so beautiful!

The next day, we went exploring a bit and found an abandoned train station.

This coliseum had removed everything except the walls. So eery. 

I love that belly!


We ate at a little local cafe in Nacoochee.

They had their own garden planted alongside their restaurant -- so cool!

Helen, GA 



Hiawassee, GA





  1. Everything looks so lovely! Have a great holiday :)

    1. We are home now! Just re-living through photos. Sigh! Miss it already!