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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Travel // Newnan, Senoia, and Grantville, GA {The Walking Dead!}

So. I have an obsession with The Walking Dead. A huge one. When we first started talking about going to Georgia, I knew we had to stop in Senoia and check out Woodbury. We ended up making a day out of it, so we started in Newnan. We went to the abandoned hotel where Meryle hotwired a car and had Michonne captive. Then we made our way to Senoia. They are still filming there, so there were a lot of the props/signage still in place. Rusty and I pretty much fell in love with Senoia - even with the Walking Dead stuff aside. It's a gorgeous town. Then we went to Grantville. We took a tour of Morgan's apartment (so cool!), saw where Morgan took the zombies to burn the bodies, and the restaurant that Carl and Michonne go the photo of his family and Michonne took the cat. ;)


DSCN2522 DSCN2523 11494_10201701100033883_82202795_n 1014323_10201701116954306_32081245_n 998350_10201718060817892_642763309_n
Arlo was pretty much asleep the whole time.

DSCN2524 1044423_10201701158755351_1100472911_n
Norman Reedus touched this wall. I died. The entire cast and some of the crew had all signed the walls in this store. It was so neat!

 Outside of town, they had a fenced off lot with all the show's vehicles in it. 1016603_10201701639887379_482276377_n 1044168_10201703433572220_1908405895_n

Morgan's apartment!


The owner of the apartment (it was a real apartment, btw!) is having the entire apartment re-done to look like it did in the episode. 969857_10201703399251362_758205075_n
 I love Georgia.


  1. I'm sooo jealous! I freakin' love The Walking Dead!! :)

  2. this is so neat! i don't watch the walking dead, but i can imagine how cool it would be to see where some of my favorite shows and films were made.

  3. You get to see some of the coolest places. I'm supremely jealous!