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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Simple 2014 Goals


Instead of making some hefty unreachable goals for the year, I thought I'd stick with some simpler ones. I mean, we all like crossing things off lists - right? 2013 was amazing. The best year yet, I think. Our infant explored his world, learned how to crawl, walk, talk, turned ONE.. we took him on his first airplane. Showed him his first mountains, water falls, his first tourist attractions (ha!). We made a lot of changes in our personal lives this year. Things we've been meaning to do for ages and we finally bit the bullet and just did them. We got super picky about who we wanted in our life - who we wanted around our son. We removed negativity. We stopped letting negative relationships put a strain on all of our positive ones. This parenting thing? I think we got a good grip on it this year. At least - the kind of parents we want to be. Here's hoping that 2014 will provide us with even more than this year!

Read 30 books
I just finished my 24th book for this year. I admit that there isn't near as much time now as there used to be (no more reading 70 books a year for this gal), but I think 30 is a good number to aim for. I know I have at least 40 on our shelves at this moment that have never been cracked open. I want to put some wear on those spines! :)

Go on two overnight trips
Arlo is an easy travel baby. He was fabulous on planes, drives down mountains, up and down elevation.. he's cake. We definitely want to travel to Arkansas again and we're thinking of taking Arlo to the ocean for the first time, too.

Take more photos
I want to be better at documenting the little things in our lives. Too often I just whip out my phone to capture something. A lot of our moments are more worthy than just a quick phone shot. Especially when it comes to travel. 90% of my photos from Georgia were phone photos! Argh!

Keep up with journaling
I have Mom's One Line a Day journal and  Our Q&A a Day that I write in nightly. It's fun to flip back and see the "little things" Arlo's been doing. It's a five year journal, so sometime this year I'll be able to see what he was doing on that day a year ago. I'll keep it forever and ever. Rusty and I have been answering the Q&A a day for a few nights now. It was one of my Christmas gifts for Rusty, but I caved and we started it early. They're just fun questions to think about and answer together and I think continuing to learn about your spouse is so fun. We've been together 8 years now and I'm still learning little things about him! Writing in both of the journals has been a great addition to our nightly routine.

Continue to simplify
We had a garage sale a few months back and got rid of a bunch of junk. Just, well, you know.. stuff. So crazy to think about - everything in this house has been accumulated in just three years. Three years ago we bought this house after the fire. We moved in with a few bags of clothes, two couches, and a dog. That was about it. And now this house is bursting at the seams! Getting rid of things we don't use or need feels so good. A lot of it was donated to us after the fire and we took it because we didn't have anything else. It literally felt like "We OWN something now! THANK YOU!" I think I was just hoarding things because it felt good to call something "mine" again. Thankfully I got over that. I want to continue weeding through each room and only have things that are useful or meaningful.

I think that's about it! I have a few business goals I want to achieve, but these are more for me.. or you know, us.

Hope everyone has a lovely Christmas (or what have you) and a safe and fun New Year!

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  1. These are some great goal! Keep it up!