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Saturday, July 12, 2014

// #2

I won my second storage unit at an auction on Thursday. It was the last unit of the day and it didn't look that promising. In fact, a few people left before the bidding started. I looked in and didn't see much except an opened box on top of a filing cabinet. Inside the box were hand addressed envelopes. I took a guess and figured not many people would be bidding on this unit in particular, and decided if nothing else, at least I had some letters to read. ;) I won with a bid of $5. My dad brought his 16ft enclosed trailer with us, so we loaded everything into the trailer, swept out the unit, and headed home to go through everything.

There was a set of three matching tables (made my money back!), a few porcelain elephants, a lace tablecloth, and a heavy afghan blanket.

After cleaning out the filing cabinet and a few other boxes, I started stringing bits and pieces of information together about the people that this unit belonged to. The unit had items and personal things (it only took me two units to find the dreaded box of adult content, haha) belonging to at least six different people and none of them shared the same last name. And then I struck gold - hidden away in a box, I found a brief case stuffed with papers, photos, and letters dating back from the 60's. Nothing in the brief case is worth money, but these kinds of finds are my favorite. A ton of headshots, old photos, marriage and divorce papers for the same couple, and of course, letters.

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