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Thursday, September 18, 2014

// Office progress


When we originally viewed this home, we knew this room had so much potential! But, as you can see, the carpet was... not ideal. This room will be used as our office, and since we have three industrial cabinets that we'd rather not move more than once, we decided that replacing the flooring was high on our list for before we moved in.

We pulled up the carpet, took out the electrical outlets in the floor, and took the wall heater down. My dad scraped the floor, and luckily since it was water soluble, the glue came up relatively easily. 


Heart eyes. 

My dad and father-in-law, bless them, had all the flooring done that same night. And it looks a million times better in there! We still have so much to do, but crossing this off the list was a nice start! 


  1. It looks so great! I'm sure you're very happy to be done with it, and they did a really great job so fast! I love seeing all this and it really gets me excited for the day we finally find a place worth our time, money and energy!

    1. They really did! We just refinished the floors in the rest of the house and I'm glad that's over, too. Phew!