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Monday, June 1, 2015

Travel // Galveston, Texas

We went to Galveston island back in February for a week. It was too cool for actually swimming, but the perfect time for everything else! It was Arlo's first time to the ocean and Rusty's first time to the Texas coast.

We stayed at a condo that had a huge fenced common grounds. There were all kinds of different flowers, a stream that led to a wading pool, and a great view of the beach. 

We went to Moody Gardens to check out the Rainforest Pyramid. It was pretty empty when we were there; it would've been a nightmare with a bunch of people (mostly because of my fear of heights- hah)

We walked around the Square in downtown Galveston a bit. Mardi Gras had taken place a few days before, so there were still a lot of abandoned beads along the sidewalks and hanging from balconies. And confetti. Lots of soggy confetti. We kept stopping to admire all the buildings - the windows and doors are my fave.

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